(DE-FI)ance Magazine


(DE-FI)ance  magazine is a  meticulously designed, award-winning,  independent  annual fashion, art,  and lifestyle publication published by the Dayton Emerging Fashion Incubator (DE-FI) LLC.  Curated for a  global-minded audience (DE-FI)ance magazine has sold in 13 different  countries, this magazine was created to give a voice and exposure to  emerging talent and  has continued to grow in influence that reaches  well beyond the Midwest  region. For the first time since it's launch in  2013, the 2019 (DE-FI)ance Magazine is accepting submissions; see the  guidelines for submission HERE.  

Our goal is to be the accessible voice and inspiration to the confident and creative woman who loves fashion but is not the stereotypical saditty, face giving snob. She is smart, strategic, hard-working, and considers herself more of a businesswoman than a fashionista can own any room that she walks into.  She’s a mentor, who is not afraid to share an embarrassing story about herself, admit mistakes and is able to handle the demands of her ole with grace and a sense of humor.

We  are committed to elevating fashion, couture, style and fashion professionals from the Miami Valley area, across Ohio and around the  Midwest.  Our goal is to raise awareness of the world class talent in  our region and offer opportunities to expand your market and client  base. We are the "go to" publication for insiders as a networking tool,  continuing education and platform to shine. In March 2020 we will  offer a directory of professional fashion designers, photographers,  wardrobe stylist, and HMUA's 

In  2018 (DE-FI)ance Magazine received invites and press credentials to  cover high profile events during New York Fashion Week produced by Art Hearts Fashion.  We focus on industry talent that hails from or operates in the Midwest  and features diverse disciplines from designers, models, photographers,  HMUAs, stylist, and more! Our readers are fashion insiders, business  professionals and fashion supporters. Our brand recognition is growing  exponentially, the 2018 edition of (DE-FI)ance Magazine continues to  sell weekly 6 months past it’s release!