Do you have themes for your issues?

 We don't have themes, we prefer to give maximum creative freedom to our contributors. We look for high  level of creativity in terms of hair, makeup, styling and photography  style.  

Do you provide a pull letter for our stylist?

We do provide pull letters upon request. However, in order to qualify for a pull letter, the stylist or the photographer MUST have at least one editorial published in our PRINT issue first. This is to ensure that we are confident in your work and you will deliver what is expected by everyone involved. 

Do you accept submission via Google drive and One drive?

 No, these methods require individual links which takes up a lot of unnecessary time. 

Do you provide free print copy?

(DE-FI)ance Magazine is a print-on-demand magazine.  We do not provide free print copies or send out PDF tears sheets for free.  

Where can I buy a copy of (DE-FI)ance Magazine?

The only way to purchase a copy is via Mag Cloud or doing the Taste of (DE-FI)ance Magazine Release Party.