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Independent Fashion Coming 2020

Independent Fashion Coming 2020Independent Fashion Coming 2020

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Hey Haute Stuff

 Yeah You! We are always on the lookout for great content!  We rely on our network of contributors to inspire and educate our  readers by sharing their experiences, perspectives, preferred industry  tools and best practices with our audience.   

We are open to diverse pieces from every stage of careers.   If you have a helpful, interesting, original and well-crafted article, article idea, or series concept, we’d love to learn more.  Pitch us your idea using the form at the bottom of the page.  


We are always interested in articles that:

  • Take us behind-the-scenes to share the current  efforts of fashion and lifestyle brands 
  • Highlight different emerging platforms, incredible  tools, or resources that help drive big results
  • Strong POV articles about industry trends featuring multiple viewpoints
  • Offer real talk about the reality of working in fashion where it’s all headed, and client management
  • Give an in-depth look at a fashion PR campaigns from start to finish
  • Interview editors and journalists about their pitch preferences 


Before you submit

Here are a few tips to increase the chances that we will happily publish your work:

  • Aim to both education and entertain! We want detailed articles with real-life examples, resources and humor. 
  • Don’t be shady:  If your piece mentions a client, disclose the nature of your relationship within the article. We won’t publish anything that is overly self-promotional 
  • Original content only: Please only submit pieces that are original and not published anywhere else. If you are pitching multiple publications and we agree to run your piece, consider it exclusive to us.
  • Ask your network:     If you can bring in additional quotes (3 is the magic number) from your network to strengthen your position or show diversity in perspective, well, we love that!

Below is some information to keep in mind as you are developing your articles. 



Please submit your completed piece to our editorial team by your assigned deadline. 

Article Submission: We prefer your article directly embedded into the body of an email. Hyperlink any links and send over any images as attachments (not embedded into your article - this messes with the resolution). Aim for 600-900 words. 

Byline At the bottom of your article, include a short, 3-4 line bio. Feel free to include social links and any relevant URLs. 

Images You are not required to send photos, but if you have access to great images that support your piece - we’d love them! Photos can be sent as attachments. Include proper credit information for any images in your article submission. For your reference, our featured image size works best with abstract, horizontal images and must be a min. of 1600 pixels wide to work with the site. 

Please email us at info@daytonemergingfashionincubator.comusing  “(DE-FI)ance Magazine" in the subject line.     We will handle:

 ✔ Choosing a featured image

 ✔Final copy edits/formatting 

✔ Social Media/SEO 



Choose a Compelling Article Title: Choose a keyword-rich title that inspires interest and action. Aim to be more useful than clever. Think: “What words would someone search for that would make finding my article the perfect fit?” 



Questions  + Surprise + Numbers + Adjective + Target Keyword + Rationale + Promise +  Curiosity gap  


We are excited to share your experiences and expertise with our audience and want your individual personalities and voices to shine!  

Hit a Home Run by doing the following:

1. Don’t try to do too much in a single blog post 

2. Use your introduction to set the stage for the rest of your article 

3. Storytelling creates a connection

4. Reference other expert articles 

5. Invite colleagues to weigh in with their opinions  

6. Use the power of 3 - 3 examples, 3 quotes, 3 sections, 3 adjectives  

7. Include actionable takeaways that the reader can implement immediately 

8. Don’t leave the reader hanging - include a conclusion that wraps up your main points and leaves them with a challenge  


 Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle, PR , Marketing Professionals ,  Communications Students ,  Entrepreneurs , and Company Owners   

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